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Root and Mod G2X running 2.3.3+


While rooting your G2X used to be as easy as this or this before the Android 2.3.3 release, it is not quite as simple going forward.  It is really not too daunting though.  Here are the steps you want to take now to get your root back.  I’ve included links for both Windows and Linux users.

Clearly, this is use at your own risk information.  I take no responsibility for any bricks.  That said, you should be safe as long as you follow the directions.  And, it’s oh so worth it once you’re done.  Take a read through all the steps before you begin.  It will help you prevent mistakes, promise.

Optional: You may want to take a quick review of this detailed guide for an overview of the entire process of rooting and modding the G2x specifically.

So, first…
Install Nvidia drivers using NV Flash tool for Windows… or skip to the superEasy Windows method that guides you through installing the driver and the recovery image in a two step process.

Else, for Linux use this install version.

install the CWM recovery App
Linux version install or… Here is a guide for Windows.  I had trouble with executing the command (in Windows) he suggests in the example.  So I used the superEasy method mentioned above when doing this in Windows.

flash the root flash update with the recovery console from the newly installed CWMrecovery apps.  Hold the volume down button while turning on the power button to boot into the recovery console.

Take a moment to bask in your technical glory (powered by the glow of your now rooted android).

remove or freeze bloatware, like Car Home and WiFi Calling using Antek App Manager or similar.  This is a nice post with a link to the rooted stock OS with some add-ons (on the second comment) for removals and new apps.

and finally…
It is now your option to install a mod like, ClockWorkMod or instead install Cyanogenmod 7.

Next up.. MyTouch 4G updating and rooting.

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